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You Can Do Good At Work Too

Help  OthersWork has always and will always be an important aspect of our lives. This is because it is the source of our daily bread. Without working it is hard to survive in the current economy of the world. This is why people strive to do different kinds of jobs to earn a living. But does this mean that our lives should stop because of work? Does it mean that we have to spend our entire day working without considering our health and wellbeing? Without contributing to society?  Absolutely not!

Some kinds of jobs are very demanding and time consuming. Many people get to the office at 8am and leave as late as six in the evening, still carrying more work to do at home. Such jobs are well paying at time because of the amount of time spent on them but they don’t help your mind grow. The mind needs space and some rest to grow. You also have to find time to interact with other people to help your mind grow since life is not all about work.
There are several careers out there that can help your mind grow and allow you live a more fulfilling life. Even though some of them are not as glorious as you may think, people are making a living out of them and allowing their minds and communities to grow. Careers in engineering, medicine and law have been widely glorified as the best around the globe. In some cases however, these glorious and prestigious jobs do not give the same satisfaction as a job that help people on a day-to-day level.

  • Aided supervisors:  One job that provides you with an opportunity to grow your mind is working as a home health aide. This profession involves setting of work schedules and monitoring performances to ensure that patients get quality care. This job gives you a chance to help the patients get quality services and also allows you to develop your mind as you interact with the patients. The job is not as demanding as some other jobs and gives you time to develop other aspects of your life.
  • Social Worker:  Because of TV and the movies, people often think immediately of the Department of Social Services as being social workers.  They certainly are, but the field doesn’t end there.  Helping employees sift through their benefit options in office is social work.  Being a camp counselor.  Working with youth groups.  If you have a passion for helping, a desire to uplift and are willing to give of yourself to make a difference, this can be one of the MOST rewarding career choices!
  • Teacher:  When you consider one of the most important, yet undervalued, positions in the workforce, look no further than teaching.  You will obviously need a degree to pursue this field, but once you have it you will be responsible for molding the young minds of tomorrow.  Having the chance to influence the betterment of a child’s life will give you a feeling like nothing else on Earth!

Work should not deny you an opportunity to live a good life. You can do good at work too…even if it will involves changing your career!


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Hobbies Can Reconnect You to Your Roots

There are those times in our lives when for some reason we start to distance ourselves from our roots. This happens often times because of a major change in our lives such as a new baby, a new job, a new favorite sport season or a change of environment. Due to the demands posed by current life situations, it is often difficult to give time to yourself.

PotterOne way that you can get back to it is to pick up a hobby.  The best kind you could choose would be on that you enjoyed when you were younger.   This is an excellent way to connect with your roots!

Participating in a hobby helps you connect with the real you. You find yourself enjoying the activity tremendously because your mind and body is doing exactly what it likes. It may even be something you would have never thought you would do again!

Most hobbies go even further back into cultures. Basket weaving for example, might have been something acquired from generation to generation and was once done as a profession by your ancestors.  You may never even realize!  Sometimes you can’t explain why you love to do something so much, it just happens.

A natural hobby like that is hard to just forget about because you will always feel the urge to embark on it even after months of neglect. Your fingers and brain will itch to get a hold of the weaving material and make those unique patterns.

Many people have turned their hobbies into income generating activities and turned out to be very successful. Of course if it is a positive hobby that has an end result like a complete basket, or a nice painting it will no doubt generate some income if you follow the right channels.

A hobby like reading will enable you to improve your grammar, a physical sport will improve your fitness levels, painting will also improve you artistic skills, gardening will improve the look of your lawn and so on. A good hobby should improve something in you for it to effectively connect you to your roots.

Many people aren’t sure what their hobbies are. But this is simple to find out, if you love doing it, dedicate time to doing it and feel different or rejuvenated after doing it, then that is your hobby. If you also feel the need or urge to do it when you skip doing it, then it is your real hobby and will no doubt connect you to your inner self and the world around you.

Hobbies are not only good for your own life, but if you find something you love to do – I am sure there are others who would enjoy it as well.  Using a particular habit or skill you possess to help others learn something new is one of the easiest, biggest and best changes you could possibly hope to make.

Volunteering some free time on weekends to teach underprivileged children the tricks of your trade will not only reconnect you with your roots, but also enrich the life of someone else at the same time!

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Keep Your Cool in Stressful Situations

ZENSTONESOne of the best ways you can affect change is not to make bad situations worse.  Stress is one of the emerging causes of loss of life in the world today. Many people in the world are prone to stress due to the various problems affecting their lives. Stress is associated with rage episodes, as people often commit crimes they didn’t ever think they would do in normal circumstances.

Learning how to manage your stress and remain calm and cool will have a soothing effect in your life as well as help you live a happier and healthier life. For you to manage your stress and pressure effectively, you will need to have some knowledge and skills on how to go about controlling your emotions. Here are some tips on managing your stress.

Identify the Cause

The first step to managing your stress effectively is to find the cause of it. This will help you get to the roots of the problem and clear it off once and for all. Think of what could have caused the feelings. Think of what is bothering you and making you uncomfortable. Could it be that work-mate who keeps running over you time and again? Could it be loss of a job that is keeping you uneasy? Or could it be your lady or guy who is pulling away from you?

Choose a Response

You may not control all causes of stress, but there are some things that you can easily manage. Choose an appropriate response depending on the cause of the stress. You can at times brush it off and let it go. For you to choose the most ideal response, have these considerations:

  • Consider how long the stress will affect you. Should the cause of stress be a driver in front of you who is snail-snow, you can just let it go. However, loss of a loved one will affect you for long thus you should look for ways to manage it.
  • Do you have control over the situation? You cannot control snow that is drenching you; but you can control how you relate with your boss.
  • Past or future based stress? If it happened in the past, it’s there permanently, but you can control your present and future doings.

Take Action

After analyzing and understanding your cause of stress and after choosing the best response, you can go on and take action against it. You can decide to face StressFreeZonethe stress head on and manage it once and for all. This will help you help you shake the stress off your life and get behind it.

Sitting there and avoiding problems will amount to procrastination, which will not help you in any way. Therefore, take the bull by its horns and address the root of the issue. In order to address it, you must:

  • Have a plan – a plan will help you achieve your goal of getting behind the stress.
  • One step at a time – some complex problems will require you to break them down into small bits that you can handle one after the other.

Stress is one thing that you will have to deal with on an almost constant basis. Hopefully these tips will help you to keep your cool under pressure, as you can not expect to realistically affect change in the world if you can not handle day to day “bumps and bruises”.



Studying courses in evening school

To be honest when I was a little kid I didn’t really like school. The reason wasn’t the children or even the teachers. I didn’t like it because of the pressure. You needed to pass your exams and if I didn’t get a certain grade my parents wouldn’t be very happy with my result. So I studied because I had to. Today this pressure is gone and now I study voluntarily. I study because I want to and this has really changed everything. I now look forward to go to my evening classes instead of hating it as I did when I was little.

Why did I go study again

Me and my spouse bought a house already a couple of years ago. It’s decent enough to live in, but as with every house there are things you like to change. Unfortunately most of the time these things cost a lot of money. I wanted to change all the lights in the house and make dimmers out of them. Because we’re on a tight budget we couldn’t afford it. However there was a way: Doing the work myself, instead of paying a professional to do the work for you.

How did I enroll myself

I was a bit reluctant at first to follow evening school. Enrolling in a school was something I was afraid of. I didn’t have good memories about going to school in childhood. I wasn’t sure if I would take the plunge at first.

I searched on Bing on how to make your own dimm lights. However everywhere I found information that you shouldn’t do this yourself unless you are a qualified electrician or have at least enough knowledge about electricity and circuits. This wasn’t the case, so I enrolled myself in a residential electricity course.

When, where and how long were my studies

I followed evening classes. So each Tuesday at 7:00 PM my courses started. I still had time to come home and eat before going to school, so no problem time-wise. I must say that I’m in luck that they are that flexible at work. I didn’t miss a single class and that’s good because I think otherwise I would have dropped the ball.

The training was mainly practical. But before diving into this we always had some theory. This helped me to understand what we did of course. After 3 hours – at 10:00 PM – my class was finished and I returned home. I did this during 1 year and I must say I know quite a bit about electricity now.

Putting what I’ve learned into real practice

To be honest following this course has also changed me in another way. Not only I’ve become less afraid of studying, but it has also made me more confident.

Also I could now even pursue a job now as electrician if I wish. Looking at the salary you get paid this might be something I would go for if I would lose my work tomorrow. It has given me a way out of my current job if I ever need to. In this time of crisis you never know what happens so having this certification has also given me some stress relief. No more worry about my job and the economy.

How Making Extra Money from home can be highly rewarding

Whether you are leaving job without a new one in hand or simply trying to find an easy way to make extra money, home is the best place to settle down. When it comes to making money from home, the number of paths you can try is endless and with a bit of time and effort, each of them is promising too.

With the advance in technology, internet has become a significant aspect of day to day life and making money from home is closely related to online jobs since there are numerous job opportunities that can take you up the ladder of success.

working from home

With the vast number of links lying in the World Wide Web, you can reach a wide range of audience from a computer with internet connection within seconds.

Whether it is website maintaining, music composing, writing, drawing, managing, programming, teaching or any other aspect you are good at, you can find various online jobs to suit your interests and nothing can beat the comfort it gives to do what you love.

Apart from online job opportunities, childcare, cake making, car cleaning, flower arranging, laundry service and ironing, knitting and sewing and pet grooming are a few of the popular methods of making money from home.

The best thing is that all these opportunities are packed with benefits that might never correspond with typical desk jobs.

When considering how rewarding money making from home is the foremost benefit is that you can work as an independent worker without being constrained to a single source of income or an employer.

You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you can connect to the internet and the chances of being stressed out is minimal. You have the potential to make decisions without the influence of anybody else and with time you will realize that it has built up your self-confidence to face the future with intelligent decisions.

get things done at home
Although the income might not be promising at first, you have the prospective to make money day and night if you hit the right niche at the right time. With internet fee as the only expense, start-up cost, investments, eating out, business suits, fuel and day care fees are cut down allowing you to save every penny you earn. In addition to income, money making from home can save you a lot of time.

Just like it cut down travel expenses, it can save the time spent to travel, allowing you to enjoy time at home with your family. This specific advantage has caused a growing number of women to consider online job opportunities that allow them to generate considerable revenue and to be the mom at home at the same time.

Another benefit of making money from home is that age is not going to be a barrier to your career. As long as you are good at what you are doing, you are bound to make money just like anybody else.

However, experience and a little power over computer knowledge are definitely rewarding.

How To Take Small Steps To Self Esteem. Learn To Sharpen A Knife.

For a long time I’ve been trying to improve myself. I’ve read all sorts of self-help books, motivational books and more. I tried meditation, I tried bodybuilding and all sorts of other things to improve my self-esteem.

Self-esteem is, in my view, one of the most important components of a healthy psyche. If you feel good about yourself then you’ve taken the first step towards personal growth.

And of course that’s all self-esteem is, it’s feeling good about yourself. It’s feeling that you’re a worthy person.

However improving your self esteem is not an easy process. If you have low self esteem to begin with then simply reading the self-help and motivational books won’t improve your self esteem. You need to take active steps that result in personal successes, and it’s the personal successes that will improve your self esteem.

I learned this a while ago and decided that I would take small steps towards improving my self esteem by tackling small tasks, succeeding at those small tasks and then moving on to others. Complete a small task successfully and you’ll end up feeling good about yourself.

I needed to select a small task to tackle. I love cooking however have always been frustrated at preparing food with a blunt kitchen knife. I’ve tried simple knife sharpeners but they never worked very well and never sharpened my knife effectively. So I decided to learn to sharpen a kitchen knife. It sounds silly however it’s a small task that I was never able to complete successfully, and I decided that if I could learn that small task then that would be my first win.

So I researched extensively about how to sharpen a kitchen knife properly. I learned all about knife sharpeners, and which was the best knife sharpener for kitchen knives. I learned about sharpening stones such as oil stones and whetstones and waterstones and diamond stones.

I learned about the difference between honing a knife and sharpening a knife. I read books about knife sharpening techniques. And eventually I decided to purchase a 3 piece set of diamond stones and start practising sharpening my knife on them.

One of the things that I confirmed in my research is that sharpening a knife successfully is much more difficult than you would expect. That accorded with my own experience.

And so I was tackling a difficult task and I needed to succeed. I needed the success to start bolstering my sense of personal self worth and then, once I succeeded at that small task to move on to others.

Improving my self esteem is not going to be an instant process, and I’ve learned that it will be a long series of very small steps and very small successes just like this.

Fortunately after a significant amount of practice I was able to sharpen my kitchen knife on my new diamond stones to the point where I could shave hairs off my arm. It took quite a lot of work but I was extremely pleased with the result and have been able to appreciate the importance of small successes on the path to a better self-image.

I encourage you, if you have low self-esteem, to find some small tasks that have frustrated you in the past, tackle them head on one by one, succeed at overcoming them one by one and these small successes will add up to build your self esteem.

I Need To Pay More Attention To My Health

I’ve heard it said that your health is the most important thing in your life. If you don’t have good health then nothing else really matters, and to some degree I’m starting to realize that. I can’t think of anything that would be more important to change in your life than improving your health.

So I’ve decided that it’s time to pay more attention to my health to make sure that it’s as good as possible.

I’m taking a number of steps to do that. I have to review my diet because I know my diet has been terrible over the last few years. I also know that my level of fitness is very low because I’ve not been doing sufficient exercise, and so I need to pay attention to that as well.

Specifically I need to examine things like my level of nutrition. I’ve recently consulted a nutritionist because I’ve been feeling extremely tired lately, and she’s looked at my diet and given me some solid advice on what I need to change.

And I know I need to change.

She has advised me that I need to concentrate much more on a healthy diet, I need to pay more attention to my vitamin D levels and I need to take a quality fish oil supplement to reduce my risk of heart attack.

Vitamin D, I’m told, is extremely important and after testing she tells me that my vitamin D levels are too low and that I need to take a vitamin D supplement.

And she also tells me that my omega 3 levels are too low because I do not eat enough seafood, and that I need to source a quality fish oil supplement and take that every day as well. Apparently omega 3 is mainly present in fish and other seafood and if you don’t eat much fish then you don’t get lots of omega 3 in your diet. And if that’s the case your risk of heart attack and stroke increases.

And she tells me that I need to do more exercise, because exercise is very important for general health and fitness and it’s also important to help maintain the strength of my bones. On top of exercise she is also suggesting that I concentrate more on foods containing calcium such as milk, cheese and yoghurt.

I know I need to change a number of things in my life and this is one of the most important. As I get older I find that I’m not as fit as I would like and that my health is not as good as I would like, and I also know that I’ve been feeling tired constantly.

There is nothing that I can really pin down. I’m not sick, I just seem to feel tired all the time. But when my nutritionist told me that diet and exercise would help improve this it made complete sense to me.

So if anyone else is feeling the same, in other words just generally run down and tired all the time, it certainly worth paying a little attention to what sort of quality of diet that you are having and how much exercise you are getting.

Because from what I’ve learned having a better diet and getting more exercise, as well as paying attention to some simple things like vitamin D, omega three and calcium, may well have a big impact on your life.

I’ll let you know how it goes over the next few months.

Why Not Challenge Yourself And Establish Your Own Business Working from Home?

It’s very easy to find a job and relax into that job, happy that you’re earning money and supporting your family. However in most cases that really doesn’t challenge you. If you’re looking for a great challenge, and some personal growth, why not try and set up a small business at home?

I’m not talking about buying a McDonald’s franchise or anything like that. I’m simply suggesting that you try and set up a small online business so you can work from home and earn a little extra income. Everybody loves a little extra income.

Setting up your own small business at home poses significant personal challenges and is a great way to effect some personal growth. Setting up your own business at home requires you to be self-motivated and self-directed. It requires you to work when there is no boss sitting there making sure you work.

It requires you to do independent research, establish a niche, develop some skills and much more. It’s a great way to turn yourself into a better person.

It isn’t easy setting up a small business at home, but it’s one way to achieve some significant personal growth as well as to improve your income.

I wrote this after observing a friend of mine do exactly that. He decided to set up a small part-time business, working from home, working as a freelance writer on the Internet. There is significant amounts of work available for freelance writers on the Internet, though it’s certainly not easy establishing a profile and attracting well paid work. He managed it despite all of this.

This friend was able, after significant research, time and effort, to successfully develop a small part-time business writing web content for a number of website owners. And he has reported to me that doing this has resulted in more personal development than anything else he’s ever done.

Personal growth is all about challenging yourself. Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and doing things you might not choose to do. Just working in a job that you’ve done for years doesn’t challenge you. It doesn’t put you in uncomfortable situations. It doesn’t make you do things that you don’t want to do. Working an ordinary job is just about going to work every day doing the same thing over and over. After learning the job there are no more challenges.

So why not think about challenging yourself to achieve a little personal growth and, along the way, to add a little extra income to your life? It doesn’t have to be a mega business. Simply get online and look for opportunities that match up with skills that you have already, or skills that you would like to develop, as well as interests that you already have.

It might be freelance writing or it might not, however if you challenge yourself in this way you’ll be surprised at how you grow and develop as a person.

After all, who wants to go through life without growing, developing and improving yourself? Certainly not I.

Hopefully that applies to you as well. Get started today.